Participant Profiles

Following is a list of featured speakers and participants in the symposium. To learn more about them, click on their name, and it will open a page where they provide contact information, a statement of their research interests, and a brief synopsis of the working paper they submitted for the symposium.

Featured Speakers

Ellen Barton

Robin Jensen


Elizabeth Angeli

Lora Arduser

Kristen Bivens

Rachel Bloom-Pojar

Lilly Campbell

Kari Campeau

Melissa Carrion

Sara DiCaglio

Kenny Fountain

Berkeley Franz

Laura Gonzales

Catherine Gouge

Mark Hannah

Brian Harrell

Barbara Heifferon

Katrina Hinson

Cassandra Hirsh

Drew Holladay

Joanna Johnson

Emily Johnston

Molly Kessler

Michael Klein

Amy Koerber

Ron Lunsford

Christopher Lunsford

John Lynch

Jen Malkowski

Lisa Meloncon

Ryan Mitchell

Scott Mogull

Mathias Møllebæk

Neha Patel

Stephen Pender

Laura Pigozzi

Susan Popham

Katey Price

Diane Price-Herndl

Caitlin Ray

Shaunak Sastry

Blake Scott

Jennifer Scott

Michelle Sidler

Bryna Siegel Finer

Daniel Skinner

Nathan Stormer

Ben Sword

Christa Teston

Candice Welhausen

Sue Wells

Jennifer West

Stephanie Wheeler

Kelly Whitney