Session Descriptions

The symposium is all about conversations. To that end, the sessions work because of your willingness to talk and participate and your willingness to provide direct, forthright, and constructive comments on the works-in-progress. Unlike many conferences, this one is intensely focused on the field and the work with an eye toward making both better.

Sessions on Thursday, September 14, 2017

10:00- 11:00 Ethics

Ethics moves through much of the work of RHM, but we don’t seem to talk about it much in published literature. The goal of this short session is to generate a series of ethical questions that we as a field need to move toward answering. What kinds of questions come to mind in regards to ethical considerations of

  • how we represent ourselves
  • how we represent our research
  • the practice of research in different sites and considerations

Here are the series of questions generated. (will open in a new window and contains the series of images of the infamous flip charts!)

2:00-3:00 Fun with Venns: Relationships

RHM crosses over and/or includes relationships with other fields and disciplines. Scott, Keranen and Segal claimed RHM emerged from the rhetoric of science, whiles others may argue that it has a closer relationship to other areas or theoretical foundations. This session will ask each table to generate a venn diagram on the important relationships that influence RHM

And as ‘students” usually do, the results of this exercise weren’t quite venn diagrams, but the exercise did produce a number of interesting visuals. (will open in a new window and contains the series of images of the infamous flip charts!)

4:15-5:00 Plan a Symposium

With a few opening remarks about the history of the symposium, the bulk of the session time will be groups discussing how they would plan the symposium if they were in charge. Questions to consider at the tables include

  • sustainability
  • buy in from the community, institutions, participants, particularly in considerations of bringing in the numerous areas that RHM covers
  • what does the program look like: how can maintain what works and what we enjoy and still be innovative and try new things
  • balance of faculty
  • steering committee and then sub-committees

I have attempted to summarize the conversation of changes that can be made based on this final session. You can find those suggestions in a blog post because I wanted to ensure it was easier to find these discussions so others in the community, who were not at the symposium, could chime in.