Message from the Chair

Looking Forward….

29 August 2015

That’s the phrase I landed on when enough people convinced me that they would come again if I would host the symposium again. So we created a program committee, wrote and distributed a call for papers.

Looking forward is hopeful phrase, and it also indicates that we are a group of scholars who share a commitment to doing just that together. Even though we may identify as Communication, Technical and Professional Communication, Linguistics, Composition, or what have you, the key–and the excitement–is that we can and do come together around our interest in health and medical discourse.

Gathering at the Kingsgate Marriott on September 3 and 4, 2015, this two-day trans-disciplinary symposium gives us the space to think through

  • what our emerging field should be
  • what are the pressing questions that need to be addressed
  • how to build better research collaborations (with one another and with others from different fields) and
  • where we go from here.

Wordle from participant keywords, 2015

We will again be focusing on conversations and thinking through concepts and questions important to our emerging field  and be doing lots of talking to one another, and a big part of Friday will be devoted to discussing your in progress work.

Another key feature is an emphasis on research method/ologies.  Doing cross-disciplinary research is always difficult, so we’ll have a chance to discuss how to cross disciplinary boundaries to do collaborative research projects.

I look forward to welcoming y’all to Cincinnati!

Lisa Meloncon, PhD
Symposium Chair
Associate Professor, Technical Communication, Department of English
Director, McMicken Health Research Center, College of Arts and Sciences

Thank you to our Sponsors:


  • Faculty Development Council
  • Taft Research Center at the University of Cincinnati
  • Office of Research, Third Century Grants
  • McMicken Health Research Center, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Taft Research Center Medical Humanities Group




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