Plenary Panel

2013 Wordle from your submitted keywords and concepts

As some of you know, I like big concepts and phrases because it’s hard for us to agree on definitions, but it is likely we can come to some agreement around significant concepts that we all believe are meaningful to the work and in the work we do. The three plenary panelists will be giving us a short overview of a specific concept that relates to their current work:

We are then going to break into small groups and draw from a hat (yeah, kind of like those things we make our students do 🙂 other important concepts, which are drawn in large part from your own submissions when you sent in your information sheets. Then, in your groups, you are going to attempt to define your concept and explain its importance to the “rhetorics of health and medicine.”

2015 Wordle from your submitted keywords and concepts

After a short break, we’re going to come back and do a sort of concept survivor, that is, we’re going to have a discussion of which concepts should be included, should maybe included, should not be included, and what concepts or topics did no one bring into the conversation that needs to be there. A working list of what we agree on will form the working outline of a proposed volume.