Symposium Committee

Symposium Chair

Lisa Meloncon

Program Committee

Barbara Heifferon, chair, Professor, Louisiana State University
Catherine Gouge, Associate Professor, West Virginia University
Jennifer Malkowski, Assistant Professor, UC-Chico

The program committee was responsible for reviewing all the proposals received and providing much of the structure to the symposium schedule. They also made recommendation on invited speakers and helped the Symposium Chair think through how to make the workshops work. In short, they did a lot of the heavy lifting of getting things organized.

Local Committee

While not officially a committee, I do want to take the time to publicly acknowledge my UC colleagues who were always quick to take on a task, answer a question, provide a sympathetic ear, or offer additional help. Official or unofficial, this event would not be possible without them:

Communication Department:
Steve DePoe
Heather Zoller
John Lynch
Stephen Haas
Shaunak Sastry

Profession Writing Program in the English Department:
Mary Beth DebsKathy Rentz
Lora Arduser

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