Paper Work Groups

Following are the list of paper work groups. These are the groups you will be in on Friday morning when we workshop papers. In general, we tried to put similar topics together, and this worked except for a couple of people that we had to distribute oddly to keep the groups small (so apologies in advance). The main headings are just broad categories, and it is true most papers could have easily fit into multiple groups.

Each table will have a facilitator to ensure we stay on time and to gather notes together that we will share as a group later in the day. The “heading” in each group will link you to the password protected pages that have the papers. Passwords were sent via email.

Contact Lisa if you cannot locate your password or if you encounter any difficulties.

THEORETICAL: Judy Segal RISK: Melissa Nicolas
 Heather Zoller Kelly Pender
 Bernice Hausman Blake Scott
 Cristina Hanganu-Bresch Amy Reed
 Stacey Overholt Colleen Derkatch
PATIENT TECH : Huiling Ding PATIENT VIEW: Nathan Stormer
Lee Brasseur Russell Kirkscey
Michael Klein Catherine Gouge
Molly Kessler Daniel Card
Debra Burleson Katrina Hinson
VISUAL : Carolyn Shue DIABETES: Kenny Fountain
Ed Nagelhout Jeff Bennett
Candice Welhausen Lora Arduser
Susan Popham Laura O’Hara
Marie Moeller Scott Graham
Liz Angeli Barbara Schneider
Laura Pigozzi Phillipa Spoel
Kristin Bivens Cynthia Ryan
Nathan Johnson  Jen Malkowski
HISTORICAL: Teri Thompson FEMINIST : Kim Emmons
Barbara Heifferon Amy Koerber
Susan Wells Christa Teston
John Lynch Amanda Friz-Siska
Lisa Meloncon


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