Keynote Thompson

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Health Communication:  There and Back Again thompson_keynote

For the discussion to follow Teri’s talk, she has provided the following questions for consideration:

1.  We advocate mixed methods a lot, but I find that most reviewers have difficulty really allowing a balance as they evaluate mixed methods research.  Quantitative researchers want work to strongly fulfill quantitative standards, and qualitative researchers do the same with qualitative standards.  How can we really take advantage of the strengths of each approach and allow researchers the needed balance for mixed methods work?

2.  One of the newer areas of research that has been advocated by numerous scholars is a concern with mental health issues in health communication work.  This is a much more difficult area of health to study.  What suggestions do you have about how we can make contributions to an understanding health communication processes in relation to mental health issues?

3.  Rick Street and several other excellent scholars have made important contributions in our understanding of the pathways from communication to health.  What suggestions do you have about how we can build on this work and further our comprehension of this fundamental issue?

4.  Similarly, in what ways should we (and should we not) expect communication processes  ​to ​be related to physiological and health outcomes?