Graphic Medicine and RHM Survey

Graphic Medicine + RHM Survey—Invitation to Participate

We have created a short survey (should not take more than 10 min to complete) to gather your perspectives about the potential use of comics within the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (RHM) field, broadly construed. Note that throughout this survey, we refer to RHM and comics work as “graphic RHM,” an allusion to the increasingly popular area known as “graphic medicine.”
We are in the process of developing some opportunities to collaborate about, present, and publish “graphic RHM” work, and in order to do so inclusively and responsively, we need to get a better sense of what folk familiar with RHM view as some of the possibilities for this work.
You don’t have to be actively engaged in creating or using comics in RHM work to take this survey, and you don’t have to identify primarily as an RHM scholar; we are looking for any curious rhetorician’s ideas about the “graphic RHM” intersection. We invite you to send the link to this survey to other rhetoric, writing studies, communication studies, and graphic medicine scholars/creators who might be willing to provide their informed perspectives, too.
We’ll begin incorporating what you share from the survey later this Summer, in late June, so we’re asking folks to complete the survey by June 15, if possible (although we will keep it open beyond that).
We thank you in advance for taking the time to take this brief survey!
All best,

Catherine Gouge and Blake Scott

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