You can engage and connect with the community in a number of ways.  (all links open in a new window/tab)

  1. Volunteer for a specific job or section of this website
    • Keep Resources Up to date
    • Gather teaching resources
    • Work on the bibliography resources(tag the medrhet bibliography, organize and update it)
    • Medical rhetoric resources (keep resource list current, find new resources to post)
    • Research information (maintain resources, documents for medrhet research support)
    • Curate a weekly topic email of current happenings relevant to our area
    • Write content (blog post on current event; review of book, series of articles, installation; manifesto; anything else?)
    • Or offer your own suggestion!!
  2. Join in our twitter chats. We’re officially @medrhet (View Upcoming Twitter Chat Topics). See the Contact page and Directory for some folks that are active on Twitter.
  3. Write a blog post about your work or a current topic that resonates with the work we do or about a teaching success or challenge
  4. Engage with others through our Facebook Group–Flux, A space for Rhetoricians of Health and Medicine
  5. Start a conversation on our list serv: Join

You can also engage with the broader field at any number of conferences. The most relevant of which are

You can potentially find like minded folks at other smaller conferences and/or depending on your focus, in other organizations like the American Public Health Association with its Health Communication Working Group; Graphic Medicine; American Association of the History of Medicine. Also look at the Resources page for additional organizations that may have conferences that align with your interests, and its more than likely that you go to one of these “other” conferences, you’ll likely run into someone from this community. And, you can send out queries to any of the ways to connect and communicate listed above.

Connect with us!