A Journal of Our Own

Blake Scott and I are pleased to announce that we have a journal of our very own!

The University of Florida Press will be publishing the journal the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine with a launch date of early 2018.

So brush off those manuscripts and get ready to submit them. Details will be be forthcoming.

There are so many people to thank that made this all happen, but we want to take a moment to highlight a few of them here. Big thanks to Linda Bathgate who was a huge supporter of this project from the beginning and instrumental in making it happen; Judy Segal and Barbara Heifferon who held up the “medrhet” flag for so long almost single-handedly; to Lisa Keranen who was not afraid to hang out with folks outside of Comm; to Susan Well who is such a fierce advocate and makes you believe that an idea is good; and to those attendees at the first symposium (especially Amy Koerber and Celeste Condit who agreed to be featured) who took a chance on a crazy idea.

Most of all, to each of you in this community for sharing your work and ideas and passion. This is what made others believe there was critical mass for this sort of venture.

So we have arrived, and I cannot think a better community to be a part of as we move into the next chapter.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Lisa.