The CCCC Executive Committee made the decision to allow Special Interest Groups (SIGs) the opportunity to become a standing group.

Existing member groups may take on a more formal, long-standing relationship to CCCC by applying for Standing Group status. A Standing Group begins as a Special Interest Group (SIG) or other group with sustained organization and membership…. Standing Groups are formally reviewed by the CCCC Officers every three years. In recognition for this level of responsibility to CCCC, each Standing Group will be allotted one designated panel in addition to a business meeting at the CCCC Annual Convention, subject to the Program Chair’s approval. Standing Group panels will be vetted in consultation with the Program Chair. Standing Group business meetings will be held during the regular slots made available for such meetings by the Program Chair.

In 2015, the Medical Rhetoric SIG applied for and was granted standing group status.

Current executive committee members of the standing group are (will be updated throughout summer 2023):

Positions are for two years. Graduate students have a one-year term. See the by-laws for descriptions of positions, and contact any of the officers if you are interested in running.

Minutes from the CCCCs

Medical Rhetoric SIG Minutes 2015
During this meeting, it was unanimously decided that the SIG would apply for standing group status with the Cs.

Medical Rhetoric Standing Group Minutes, 2016

Medical Rhetoric Standing Group Minutes, 2017

Medical Rhetoric Standing Group Minutes, 2021

Medical Rhetoric Standing Group Minutes, 2022

Medical Rhetoric Standing Group Minutes, 2023

Medical Rhetoric Standing Group Minutes, 2024

Standing Group Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

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Standing Group Bylaws

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