Nota Bene:  this is a major work in progress. there is a committee of folks who are working toward organizing this information in better and more useful ways. In the meantime, at least the big ugly mess is here for you to use.

This is a compilation of a number of bibliographies that have been gathered for different events, such as Sue Wells and Ellen Barton’s RSA seminar in 2009, the Blake Scott and Lisa Keranen RSA seminar in 2011, Masri bibliography in Present Tense, and the compiling from CVs of those who attended the 2013 Discourses of Health and Medicine.

What’s good about the information gathered here is the volume of it, and it now gives a much better starting place to ensure that we’re engaging with existing work in our work.

A number of 2014 and 2015 citations (except for monographs) have not been added. If you need those, contact Lisa Meloncon.

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