For the longest time, researchers and teachers, who work in and around topics of health and medicine, have found themselves in a variety of academic homes.  Through the years those with common interests have come together at academic conferences in special interest groups (SIGs), pre-conferences,  workshops, and informal gatherings.

However, this kind of disbursement makes it hard to truly form a community.  But, something changed in 2013.  We managed to hold a symposium that brought together some of the top scholars from Communication, Technical and Professional Communication, Composition, and English Studies.

One of the outcomes of that symposium was to try and find a way to build a community, to keep in touch, to offer support, to answer questions, and to discuss common interests and topics.

This site is the central online space for our group to help accomplish these goals.

[Note on the two wordles: The wordle in the top right corner was generated from keywords of participant’s responses to a series of questions at the Discourses of Health and Medicine Symposium in 2013. The one at the bottom was generated from the RSA Institute in 2015 on Theory Building in the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.]