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Editorial Team and Board


Lisa Melonçon, University of South Florida:
J. Blake Scott , University of Central Florida

Associate Editors

S. Scott Graham, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Robin Jensen, University of Utah
Jenell Johnson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rebecca Kuehl, South Dakota State University
Cynthia Ryan, University of Alabama-Birmingham

Assistant Editors

Ella Browning, University of Pennsylvania
Cathryn Molloy, James Madison University
Erin Trauth, High Point University

Reviews Editor

Lora Arduser, University of Cincinnati

Editorial Board

Ellen Barton, Wayne State University
Jeffrey Bennett, Vanderbilt University
Celeste Condit, University of Georgia
Colleen Derkatch, Ryerson University
Kelly Happe, University of Georgia
Bernice Hausman, Virginia Tech
Barbara Heifferon, Louisiana State University
Jordynn Jack, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Lisa Keränen, University of Colorado-Denver
Amy Koerber, Texas Tech University
Gary Kreps, George Mason University
Joan Leach, Australian National University
John Lynch, University of Cincinnati
John Lyne, University of Pittsburgh
Michael Mackert, University of Texas
J. Fred Reynolds, City College of New York
Judy Segal, University of British Columbia
Philippa Spoel, Laurentian University
Nathan Stormer, University of Maine
Christa Teston, Ohio State University

Editorial Interns


Ella Raynor, University of Central Florida
Rachel Winter, University of Central Florida


Carolyn Gubala, University of South Florida


Michelle Sonnenberg, University of South Florida

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