Graphic reproduction: A comics anthology

Johnson, J. (2018). Graphic reproduction: A comics anthology. University Park, PA: Penn State University Press.

  • Johnson, J. Introduction
  • Farmer, J. & Chevli, L. Abortion Eve. 
  • Hayes, L. Excerpt from Not Funny Ha-Ha. 
  • Knight, P. Excerpts from Spooky Womb and X Utero.
  • Johnson, J. Present / Perfect.
  • Shepherd, E. A Significant Loss: The Story of My Miscarriage.
  • Weaver-Hightower, M. B. “Losing Thomas and Ella: A Father’s Story”.
  • Summers, A. K.  Excerpt from Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag.
  • Doane, B. Excerpt from Pushing Back: A Home Birth Story. 
  • Alexander-Tanner, R., & Zucker, J.  Overwhelmed, Anxious, and Angry: Navigating Postpartum Depression.
  • Tyler, C. “Anatomy of a New Mom”.
  • Bechdel, A. Excerpt from Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out For.
  • Squier, S. M. Afterword.
  • Councilor, K., & Johnson, J. Classroom Exercises.