Course Syllabi

The following is Amy Koerber’s syllabus for an online graduate class: English 5382: Theory and Research in the Written Discourses of Health and Medicine


Maria Novonty and Bill Hart-Davidson shared their syllabus and the first assignment for their course. Maria said they also asked students to engage in an activity called #sciencesays. In this activity they ask students to take a pop culture saying like “mo money, mo problems” and translate it into scientific discourse. (Maria said: So it would be something like “hardship increases in direct proportion to wealth.” Students then tweet out their translations, tagging it with a clue like #biggie.)


Here is a syllabus for Lisa Keranen’s grad seminars: Rhetorics of Health and Medicine and Rhetoric and Bioterrorism.


And Robin Jensen’s syllabus for Communicating Health, Science and Environment.