Methods Workshops

Methods Workshop

As the director of the Urban Health Research Center in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, I came to realize that while we all talk about and want to do trans- and inter-disciplinary work it’s much harder to put into practice.

The workshops will bring together symposium participants and UC faculty to learn more about ways to make transdisciplinary research happen. So the goal of the workshops are to share ideas and resources about how we do our work and to consider ways that we can do our work better or differently.

General topics for the workshops are below.  More details, including workshop facilitators, will be posted soon.

Workshop 1: Expanding Research Methods

Often, faculty see their research as adhering to specific type of methodology.  This workshop has the aim of providing overviews of a variety of methodologies that are appropriate to health and medical discourse.  For example,

  • Methods required for evaluating complex systems (e.g., health care situations, resources allocated among many projects, intelligence analysis of multiple sources of data, customer service working across multiple technologies and/or cultures).
  • Methods of measuring patient’s comprehension of complex material and ensuring maximal comprehension.
  • Methods for community engaged research
  • Methods for the evaluation piece that is often required on health care projects

Additionally, what are the best practices and approaches for choosing a methods and how are they decided among researchers?

Workshop 2: Considering Alternate Theories

To obtain a PhD, one must be steeped in the theories related to a specific discipline.  While some theorists (e.g., Michel Foucault) cross over disciplinary boundaries, many do not.  This workshop will provide faculty a look at a variety of theoretical approaches that they may consider in future work.  Think of it as a “theory bootcamp” that takes some of the biggest thinkers in different disciplines and shows how the main concepts of those theories can be applied in different ways.


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