Celeste Condit

celesteCeleste Condit serves the department and the University of Georgia as a Distinguished Research Professor. She has authored and edited six books, and over 40 journal articles, and she has also been the PI on numerous NIH grants that incorporated a variety of research methods.



She is currently exploring the relationship of biological and symbolic facets of human being in producing human experience and human social structures. She has recently studied public understanding of genetics and public communication about genetics, with emphasis in gene-environment interaction and “race.” She uses the “Reacting to the Past” role-playing approach in teaching Communication in Government and Communication and Social Movements. She also teaches an undergraduate course in “Rhetoric and Society.” At the graduate level she has recently taught a seminar on materialistic approaches to rhetoric and she is looking forward to teaching a seminar on pathos. She is currently working on a book manuscript on pathos.


She’s interested in the social impact of genetics research. She studies the social and ethical dimensions of public communication about genetics, focusing on the impact of new genetics research and technologies on women’s reproductive options and constraints. Celeste also studies the interface of public discourse, personal attitudes, and social policy on these issues. She uses a variety of methods including discourse analysis, audience analysis, surveys, observation, and quasi-field research. Particular sub-issue contents of interest are biological determinism and genetic discrimination.

condit1 She received her B.S. in Speech from Idaho State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Rhetorical Studies from the University of Iowa. Since then, she has taught  at many prestigious universities, including Tulane, the University of Iowa, the University of Illinois, and the University of Georgia, where she currently teaches. Beyond teaching, she has spent much of her time furthering the research in her field with current focus on the interface of individual/biological inputs to communication with social/material inputs. She has been prolific in her publication of peer-reviewed journals, critical essays, edited journals and books, and authored books, and is a nationally sought-after speaker in the area of discourses of both health and communication.

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