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Welcome to the University of Cincinnati and welcome to the first gathering dedicated to the discussion and advancement of research in medical rhetoric/health communication.

When the idea of this symposium came up three years ago, I was somehow elected to try to make it happen.  Not because of my research specifically, but rather because I am tenacious and audacious and just a little bit crazy.  It’s taken all three of those adjectives to make this happen.  But, it has all been so worth it.

My goal for these two days is talk, a lot, to one another.  In this talking, I hope that we can inspire and energize each other and to create and push forward a field.  We are a distinctive group of scholars and in being so, we need to take the initiative to decide what our pressing questions are and then set about working on them.  While a big, huge goal, it’s one that’s worthwhile.  Because as Susan Sontag reminds us, we are all citizens in the kingdom and the well and the kingdom of the sick, and every interaction is keyed to discourse.

Thank you.  Thank you for coming to Cincinnati to share your research, your insights, and your energy.  Thank you for coming together to create a space where we can look around the room and see others much like us.  Thank you for choosing to give of your time, your resources, and yourselves.

In gratitude,

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Lisa Meloncon, Phd

Symposium Chair

Associate Professor of Technical and Professional Writing

Director, Urban Health Research Center, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences

University of Cincinnati

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