Connections Questions

What strategies have you taken to make connections with potential medical/health collaborators?  What has worked and what hasn’t

What strategies and approaches have you taken to make connections with potential research participants and/or community groups?

What are our ethical obligations for establishing connections and relationships with community groups and patients?  IN other words, what steps should we take in explaining how long and for what purpose we are joining a particular group.

In some ways it is harder to sustain a research connection.  If you had to tell a new faculty member the best advice for sustaining research connections, what would that advice be?

How much should we alter or change our approach and methods when forming research partnerships with those outside of our field?  In other words, do you have a line in your head that you will not cross?  If so, what is it?  And why?  (This is not an ethics question, but rather a question about disciplinarity and methods as it relates to connections and relationships.)

Many of us teach in programs that are much broader and generalized, thus, curricular demands mean that we may not teach a course specific to our research area.  What is the connection between our teaching and research and how can we make this connection stronger?

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