CCCC Med Rhet 2017 Nominee Info

Nominees for Chair

Lisa Meloncon

Lisa Meloncon is an Associate Professor of Technical Communication in the Department of English at the University of Cincinnati. She will be moving to the University of South Florida in Fall, 2017. Her primary research areas are the rhetoric of health and medicine (RHM) and programmatic issues within the field of technical and professional communication (TPC). Her research and teaching has been recognized with multiple awards, and she has edited and co-edited, three books (two forthcoming) and two special issues on RHM.

She is immediate Past President of the Council of Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication, Special Projects Manager of the Academic Special Interest Group of the Society of Technical Communication, a member of the steering committee of Women in Technical Communication, manager of, and founder (with lots of help from her friends) and chair of the only stand-alone conference for rhetoricians of health and medicine, the Symposium for Rhetoric of Health and Medicine. With Blake Scott, University of Central Florida, she co-edits the new journal, Rhetoric of Health and Medicine.

Nominees for Communication Officer

Rachel Bloom-Pojar

Rachel Bloom-Pojar is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Dayton. She has been a member of the Medical Rhetoric standing group and the #medrhet social media team since 2015. As part of the social media team, she helps run the Twitter account (@medrhet), publicize events and news on the Flux Facebook group, and facilitate online chats through Twitter and Third Thursday calls. Rachel’s research examines cross-cultural rhetoric and translation practices in healthcare, specifically in transnational and community-engaged health programs. She teaches classes on medical writing, health literacy, and rhetoric and composition. As the Medical Rhetoric Communication Officer, she would encourage graduate student involvement in #medrhet conversations, support mentoring initiatives, maintain the existing strengths of our communications, and survey group members about ideas for community-building across our existing and potential communication networks.

Liz Angeli

I am an assistant professor in Marquette University’s English Department, and I specialize in rhetoric and composition, technical communication, and the rhetoric of health and medicine. As a rhetorician of health and medicine, I study how healthcare professionals manage changing, urgent medical information in unstable medical contexts. I also serve as Annotated Bibliography Editor for Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society.

I have served the RHM community as Communications Chair since 2015. Before I officially assumed this role, though, I began the first medical rhetoric Facebook group and Twitter account with Christa Teston, and we posted RHM-related articles, CFPs, and conference sessions. As RHM grew, I became Communications Chair to manage our communication channels, including the social media accounts and listserv, and now I work with the team members who actively post to these sites. I also collaborate with the other elected officials to plan our SIG meeting, and I take minutes at this meeting.

I would be happy to continue to serve our community as Communications Chair. In doing so, I will support current efforts, like Third Thursday video chats and the annotated bibliography, and ensure that we stay connected to one another in between conference meetings.